hey, I’m Sharon

business coach, brand messaging strategist, and storyteller,

on a mission to connect (or re-connect) disillusioned entrepreneurs with their truest mission, most compelling message, and very best clients,

with my unique blend of creative thinking and project management logic, for a needle-moving mix of alignment and action, creativity and a plan, ideas and execution.

If you know it’s time to OWN your expert status and attract the ideal clients you know are out there, welcome home!

Entrepreneurial freedom doesn’t have to feel like climbing Everest

without a guide .. a map .. or a hope in hell.


There is another way. A better way.


A way that doesn’t require sacrificing those precious  hours with your loved ones, your sleep, or your already-teetering-on-the-edge sanity.

A way that makes Monday mornings feel like Sunday mornings, work like fun, and life like love.

A way that gives your skin the tingles when you sit down to work.

A way that makes freedom the first priority, not the last.


And isn’t that the whole point?

The magic happens…


when you admit you’re done with being

>> the world’s best secret

>> a follower rather than a leader


Because you’d much rather



Ready to turn on your magic?