You don’t know what offers to create or what stories to tell that resonate with your audience, and that truly connect with what you love, what you stand for, and what makes you different. You secretly wish you had a delicious signature offer that both defines you and lights you up, and that forms part of an exciting longer term business vision. 


You don’t know what to post on social media about yourself or your offers. You want to put together a story for a new about me page or a new email series to promote an offer, or to post your story on Instagram or Facebook, but you really don’t know what your story is and how to frame it in the best way (psst… you have more than one story!).

You dream. You procrastinate. You rinse and repeat.

Because you’re desperately devoted to creating a business you adore, but hopelessly overwhelmed by all the negative chatter in your own head. If only there was a mute button…

You’re not meant to feel like that.

You’re meant to feel like relaxed Sunday mornings and impromptu date nights, slices of chocolate sponge and glasses of crisp Chardonnay, laughter with the kids and tears of joy, not desperation.

Long story short. You’re meant to feel happy.


But right now, you feel like anything but. Right now life feels… hard. And hopeless. You’re exhausted. On edge. Ridiculously anxious and second guessing yourself at every turn.

You know the best version of you is in there somewhere – the peppy, motivated one who chases down her dreams with gusto – but she got lost months (years?) ago. And you’re left wondering, is this it?

Aren’t I destined for something more?

Yes. You are.

How do I know that? I’ve felt exactly the same way that you have.

Hi, I’m Sharon,

Lifestyle & Business Coach for:

Women in business who are struggling to tell the stories that position their business and brand

Women who have been in business a few years and still don't have a signature offer they love

Which one are you?

My SUPER STRENGTH is helping lovely ladies who crave a life and business that makes them spring out of bed in the mornings, stimulated to take on the day (and the world), to figure out how to actually get there.

I’m an absolute pro at kicking overwhelm, procrastination, confusion, and (godawful) self-doubt to the kerb. Where they belong. 

Because *honesty bomb* – and I say this with kindness – these are all excuses. Deep down, you know they are. But they’re still real.

They’re the ugly trolls that stop you from crossing the bridge from where you are to where you want to be. They make it easy to say no. To stand still. To never find out what’s on the other side.

Here’s another honesty bomb for you.

If you want something badly enough, you’ll find a way to get it.

I know what you’re thinking…

That all sounds great, but I’ve been trying to figure out my offers and my story for ages and I just don’t know which direction to take.

That’s what I’m here for.

There’s a quote I love by Jim Rohn:

“Success is something you attract by the person you become.”


However you choose to define success, I know the truth of this statement only too well.

I used to live in Mallorca – and I loved it. Everything from the fresh Mediterranean food, to the sun on my face, to the Spanish words rolling off my tongue.

While I was there, I helped run a busy resort office, managed my own car hire office, and organized corporate events.

Business is in my blood.

Family reasons caused me to return to the UK, where I had a long career as a Project Manager in charge of multi-million-pound projects and earning very good money. It felt like I’d hit the jackpot.

However much I loved my job, after several years, resentment clouded everything. The long hours, the pressure, and dissatisfaction of working for someone else.

There was this void inside. I knew it needed to be filled, I just didn’t know how.

Instead of cravings for paella, I had cravings for more time and freedom.

I started searching for the elusive happiness but (there’s always a but) my fear of making the wrong decision led to the best example of procrastination you’ve ever seen.

Instead of filling the void with something meaningful, I ended up working even longer hours, which left me no time to work through my life plan

and lots of time to delay, delay, delay chasing my dreams.


So, I hired a Coach. And that’s when everything started to change. It helped me put my life in context, see what I was putting on hold (for no good reason), and create a plan for how I could actually achieve all the things I told myself I wanted but never did anything about.

Before I knew it, I had a Distinction in Creative Writing from the Open University, taken up acting and singing again, wound down my work as a Project Manager, and started two thriving businesses within 18 months.

My life had found momentum.

And my entrepreneurial spark was well and truly ignited.

So I ran even further with it.

Having experienced incredible results from working with a Coach myself – and having a little epiphany at a yoga retreat in Ibiza – I decided to retrain as one.

Many people had told me that I had a knack for inspiring and guiding others. I took that as a sign – and I’m SO glad I did. It meant I could use all my knowledge to help women make watertight plans for giving their own lives momentum again (and ditch those ugly trolls to cross the bridge).

Over time, more and more women came to me for advice about ditching the corporate rat race and starting their own business.

Being a serial entrepreneur who had left the world of black suits and stress well and truly behind (thank goodness), this side of coaching came naturally to me. Now it’s my main focus. Now I feel truly successful.

Now I feel like I’m reaching the potential I was born with. And I feel crazy happy. Nothing makes me happier than helping a woman grow into her bravery and bet on herself.

But to get to this point, I had to bet on myself. I had to become the person I wanted to be.

That meant ditching the excuses, giving my mind space, and prioritising and planning like a boss. Now I am the boss. Of my business and – most importantly – of my life.

You can get to that point, too.

If you wanted permission to start telling your stories the right way, or creating your signature offer successfully without running yourself into the ground,

you just got it.



If you want to go from: I have 101 story ideas, I don’t know which to choose. 

To: These are the stories that I want to tell, and that will resonate with my audience.


Or: I have no idea what my signature offer should be.

To: I have an exciting signature offering that I love and my audience loves too.


Or: I couldn’t be more fed up if I tried.

To: I am crazy happy with my life and my business. How did this happen?!


Then we should get to know each other a little better, because  


the fire in your belly is about to ignite.