Clarify your brand message, articulate your authority, attract your ideal clients using your story… and grow the wildly profitable and sustainable business you deserve.

What does it take to create an online business that’s wildly profitable AND wildly fulfilling?

If you’ve tried all the tips, tricks, formulas, blueprints, and “guru secrets” but still wonder where the sales are…

Well, I’ll let you in on something that billionaire business owners, Hollywood blockbuster producers and history’s most powerful and persuasive characters all have in common…

They know that money follows people. AND PEOPLE FOLLOW STORIES.

 It’s that simple.

The secret to your success is no more complicated than you being willing to own and tell your story.




SUCCESS STORY is SO much more than a business and brand building course…

How does this sound, a few months from now?


You have a rapidly growing audience that begs to hear more from you


You’re finally Swarovski-crystal clear on your mission, vision, values, niche, ideal clients, and, most importantly, how you want to show up in the world


You have a calendar bursting with incredible clients who love who you are and what you do (and pay great money for it)


You’ve developed “expert status” and people connect so deeply with what you stand for they only want to work with you


You embody the fearlessness it takes to tell your authentic story


You have an unshakeable brand foundation that makes creating offers and marketing them with captivating content feel almost effortless


Your clients and community hang on your every word


You know exactly how to express your brand story in a way that’s irresistible to your ideal clients


You have a month’s worth of emails and posts already batch-written and ready to publish


You’ve even started to outline your first book – the one that’s going to position you as the go-to authority in your industry


You’ve fallen deeply in love with your business and brand – FINALLY!

Sounds pretty good, right?!

It’s all possible for you inside my SUCCESS STORY academy.


Success Story…

>>> is the magical sweet spot where your story creates your success – and you see yourself transform into the success story you’re dying to become.

>>> gets you out of the quicksand you’re floundering and flailing in.

>>> takes you back to your storyboard to build a rock-solid foundation for your brand and business. This metaphoric and literal storyboard is the difference between businesses that sustain and grow… and businesses that don’t.

This is for you if…

This is not for you if…


You’re not a newbie in your one-on-one service business – you know how to do the thing you do – i.e., you know how to coach, consult etc. – and you already have some clients – just not as many as you want


You’re great at writing and communicating


You have a relentless will to succeed


You have a bohemian heart and soul bursting to get out and express itself


You’re hungry for clarity and guidance in building your brand and business


You don’t already have some clients and experience doing your thing


You’re not great at writing and communicating


You’re lukewarm about the whole “building a thriving online audience” thing


You’re not ready to become visible and start telling your story to grow an audience and create sales


When you enrol into SUCCESS STORY academy you’ll gain access to a vault of content which you can pick and choose from, and work through at your own pace.

In SUCCESS STORY, you don’t have a prescribed curriculum – because each business is different, you simply choose what content to focus on each month, which means you never need to feel like you’re behind, doing it wrong, or wasting money.

On top of what’s already waiting for you inside the academy, you’ll get access to NEW themed content every month which you can devour and implement from a 100x clearer and more confident place.


and go from disillusioned entrepreneur

to unstoppable, in-demand expert.

Lay unshakeable business and brand foundations

Clarify and refine your business vision, mission, and core message so you have a North Star to guide every single decision you make – no more uncertainty about which direction you move in next

Clarify your distinctive niche and differentiating factors so you can step into the shoes of a leader, OWN the valuable expertise you already have, and carve out your own unique corner of the market

Understand your ideal client on a whole new human level so you know their struggles, needs, and deepest desires, and exactly how to communicate to them for maximum impact in your messaging

Find the ‘sweet spot’ where your own skills and passions overlap with your client’s desires and how to turn this common ground into quick sales

Articulate how awesome you are with ease so you can share what makes you and your brand unique without suffering from the dreaded comparisonitis

Craft a solid business mission statement that anchors your offerings and how you express them to the world (crucial for building a cohesive brand)

Create compelling mini-bios, extended bios, and your social media hooks, and hit “publish” with skin-tingling excitement, not anxiety

Write an elevator pitch that helps to perfectly position you to the right people, and ditch those awkward, how-the-heck-do-I-explain-what-I-do moments

Learn the skills of telling brand stories that pierce hearts (and open purses)


Write your brand story in a fascinating way that positions you as an authority while making your ideal client the “hero” – so they identify with your story, and get to know, like, and trust you, fast

Create memorable and engaging personal stories that evoke emotion and captivate your audience (even if you think you’re boring – I promise you’re not!)

Craft everyday stories that work within a marketing context using curiosity, creativity, the world around you, and my special set of “story triggers”

Learn the 7 story archetypes that powerfully connect you with your ideal clients and help you to articulate exactly how you can help them on their journey (these are the same archetypes used in books and films!)

Create interesting characters, plot, tension, and resolutions within your stories to grip your audience from beginning to buy button

Learn how to tell your stories alongside clear and persuasive imagery so they appeal strongly to people’s emotions

Create captivating content strategically and consistently

Develop a simple yet powerful content strategy with “anchor topics” to keep your content creation focused and on-brand

Craft captivating and soul-stirring content that you can use over and over again (yes, really!) KNOWING it will actually connect with and convert the right people – the ones waiting in the wings to work with you

Get super consistent and strategic with your content creation so you never have to stress about coming up with something on the fly because OMG! you haven’t posted for three days

Batch your content in our monthly “get it done” sessions (more on those below) so you’re always ahead of the game and posting regular, relevant content

Know exactly what content you need for a launch with my exclusive launch framework (that works for any online business or service!)

Continue to refine your messaging and content strategy in our monthly planning sessions, so that you develop iron-clad confidence in expressing who you are, what you stand for, and why you’re the expert to hire


The cost of SUCCESS STORY is just £99 per quarter or £396 per year (depending on if you want the extra perks – more about that in a mo!)

It’s an affordable way to build your SUCCESS STORY and gain the skills, confidence, and put systems in place to exponentially grow your audience using your message, personal story and your brand story – over time you will begin to see the transformation (provided you go all in, commit and do the work) and enjoy more time, location freedom, ease and profit through your blooming online business.

Of course, remaining a member is your ticket to faster, clearer, more fulfilling results – so I encourage you to dive deep and stay the course.

Audience and business growth is never a cookie cutter process, so it takes everyone a slightly different amount of time to reach the level of ease and profit they want. This is very much connected to how fast you take action, how willing you are to get uncomfortable AND visible, and how ready you are to be guided by a mentor.

What I can promise you is that SUCCESS STORY will give you the clarity, the map and the specific directions you need to get exactly where you want to go. And I’m your guide on the journey.

Put simply: If you’re committed and ready to get wealthy – in both your personal fulfilment and your finances – I invite you to join SUCCESS STORY.


Actionable and themed content added to your membership platform every month

This content will come as a mix of videos, audios, workbooks, and worksheets so you can dive in and implement. The point is to give you powerful creative and practical guidance that will take you from best-kept secret to in-demand expert.

A community of fellow entrepreneurs who want to connect to their mission, stories, and ideal clients on a deeper level

Consuming killer content is one thing. Taking action on it is another. That’s where our Facebook community comes in! External accountability from me and the other entrepreneurs in SUCCESS STORY academy will make sure you stop playing small, step into your authority story, and DO what you’ve been dreaming of. And who knows? You might meet your business besties right here.

Monthly group “Get It Done” business planning, message reviewing, and content batching sessions

Speaking of doing what you’ve been dreaming of, these monthly Get It Done sessions are the perfect opportunity to ditch the distractions and zone in on profit-generating tasks LIVE with me. You could map out your content for the next three months, refine your brand messaging, or write a series of soul-stirring stories that speak right to your ideal client.

Constructive feedback on your writing

What good is learning storytelling techniques if you don’t know whether you’re using them for maximum impact? That’s why, every month, you’ll have the opportunity to submit your core messaging, brand story, or batched content to me for review. That means no more second-guessing whether your writing is good enough to connect and convert. If it’s not quite yet, we’ll fix it together!

Weekly accountability check-ins

Every week, I’ll ask what you’re committing to getting done. This helps to keep you pumped up and on-track and helps me know how I can best serve you that week.

Extra prompts and pop-up live training

If you ever feel like your creativity has taken a vacation, one of these prompts will get you back into productive and profit-generating mode. I’ll also run quick pop-up live Facebook training from time-to-time to give you a pep talk, a tip, or an action step. Whatever you need most in that moment!

Trello boards

When it comes to a rock-solid business and brand foundation, telling stories, and creating consistent content, systems are everything! That’s why I’m giving you the template Trello boards I use for all my content. Don’t use Trello? That’s fine! But you’ll probably want to when you see how much time these template boards will save you every month.


guest expert masterclasses & trainings

Get Camera-Ready Masterclass

Brittany Hammond, Film Maker, Producer, Personal Brand Strategist

Want to use video to market your business? In this masterclass taught by Brittany Hammond at Untamed Productions, you’ll learn how to get camera-ready and communicate your brand story with clarity, confidence, and conviction. Turn your words into a storyboard for your brand story.​ (VALUE: $197)

Online Visibility Makeover

Lisa Marie Pepe, Confidence Coach & Online Visibility Expert

Give yourself an online visibility makeover with this exclusive masterclass for passionate and purpose-driven female entrepreneurs, taught by Lisa Marie Pepe at Positive Transformation Coaching (VALUE: $297)

Brilliant You Masterclass

Jo Gifford, Brand Specialist

In this brand-boosting masterclass, Jo will show you ways to tap into your brilliance so you can start to magnetize more clients online and “blow up the blueprint. (VALUE: $197)

Brand Identity Masterclass

Anna North-Row, Brand & Marketing Specialist

Create a professional brand identity with this LIVE visual brand identity masterclass, e-book and audit worksheet to help you to improve your online visibility and make your website and social media presence sparkle! (VALUE: $197)

Visual Storytelling Masterclass

Alley Jean, Artistic Brand Identity Specialist, Web Designer, Visibility Coach

Reimagine your unique brand identity through the fusion of visual imagery and storytelling in this awesome masterclass taught by Alley Jean at Red Unicorn Media. (VALUE: $297)

Organize Your Biz With Trello

Jacky Hodges, Online Business Manager

Trello training to help you to organize your business. This training will also prove invaluable for organizing your copy around messaging you create inside the academy. (VALUE: $197)


Join Success Story today for just £99 per QUARTER, and gain immediate access to everything released inside the academy so far, and all of the above bonus trainings, new monthly content (prompts, live trainings and masterclasses, prompts and templates).

(Join before midnight on 12 April 2020 and you’ll be locked in at this rate for as long as you are an ongoing quarterly member. The doors will then close and reopen on 1 July 2020 at the new rate of £199/quarter. So be quick and secure your rate now).


Join Success Story today for just £396 per YEAR, and the same immediate access to everything in the quarterly option…


 Two BONUS business books which are guaranteed to make you feel limitless…

(offer limited to first twenty people).

Little Me, Big Business Book

Nadia Finer, Business Coach, International Speaker, Author

A paperback copy of “Little Me Big Business: How to Grow Your Small Business, Increase Your Profits and Go Global (in Your Pajamas)”. Inside, Nadia shows you the five simple steps to scaling your small business, rocketing your profits, reducing your stress and going global, all from the comfort of your sofa. No more playing small. No more limitations on what you can achieve. (VALUE: £12.95)

Allergic to Average Book

Cassie Howard, Freedom Alchemist, Client Attraction Strategist, Author

A paperback copy of “Allergic To Average: How To Ditch The Rules & Do Business And Life Your Way“. Can you really get paid just to be yourself? In this life-altering book of ignoring all the rules, going against the grain, and getting paid to be you, you’ll discover the strategies that will help you take your business (and your earning potential) to the next level, without sacrificing yourself in the process. (VALUE: $14.95)


2 x 40 min coaching sessions

Brand Messaging Strategy Call

Sharon Woodcock, Business & Brand Messaging Strategist, Storyteller

2 x 40-minute exclusive private coaching calls with Sharon. On these calls, we can work on mapping out your message and aligning with your mission so it hits your ideal client right where it matters. Their heart. (VALUE: $497)

Join Success Story today for just £396 per YEAR, and gain immediate access.

(Join before midnight on 12 April 2020 and you’ll be locked in at this rate for as long as you are an ongoing quarterly member. The doors will then close and reopen on 1 July 2020 at the new rate of £796/year. So be quick and secure your rate now).

“There is no greater power on this earth than story.”
~ Libba Bray

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Meet Sharon,

I’m a business coach, brand messaging strategist, and storyteller on a mission to connect (or re-connect) disillusioned entrepreneurs with the voice of their soul, their most compelling message, and their very best clients – so they make lots of money, and gift themselves loads of free time and freedom.

My magic is helping you explore and express your individuality

and infuse your personality into your offers, messages, stories, and content, so that anything and everything you say connects deeply with your people – AND converts to more money, more time and more freedom.

If you know it’s time to OWN your story and attract your dream clients into a freedom-creating business… If you want whole-hearted support from someone who has been there… If you want to turn left when everyone else is turning right – then I’m your woman and SUCCESS STORY is your home…

xx Sharon

Client Love

Sharon helped me to narrow my niche, get clarity on my offerings, and perfect my messaging. Once I got clarity, this enabled me to create better connections with my ideal clients and the work started coming in. At the moment I’m fully booked out!
Jacky Hodges

With Sharon’s help, I narrowed my niche and started marketing more strategically, which has resulted in positive results. She genuinely cared about my success. The special way she has of explaining things is a gift.

Jessica McCurdy Crooks

Financial /Money Mindset Coach

Sharon helped me to identify my ideal client and what I had to offer them; I learned how important it was for me to connect with my authentic self. Working with Sharon was a complete package and I gained so much knowledge and confidence.

Karen Hanlon


Doors open for a limited time.


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– Vault of existing content

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– Trello board templates

– All expert masterclasses

– Monthly Content Prompt Calendar

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Annual Subscription


– Vault of existing content

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– Monthly “Get it Done” sessions

– Constructive Feedback

– Weekly Accountability

– Prompts and live training

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– All expert masterclasses

– Monthly Content Prompt Calendar

– 2 x Paperback Business Books

– 2 x Private Strategy Coaching Calls

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