Making mistakes and learning from them is all part of business.

But when those mistakes become a cycle that you can’t get out of, it takes a toll on your life.

If you aren’t feeling full of joy, or you are working all the hours so often that you resent your business, it’s time to take serious stock on where you are; it’s time to look at your actions, decisions and opportunities through a loving, strategic lens.

At the heart of making the same mistakes over and over again is usually a simple mindset shift that needs to happen.

When we look at what inner blocks you might have, which beliefs are holding you back from truly leading your life and business in the way you want to, we can start to create incredible change.

Shifts happen when you do the inner work.


Business is so much more that spreadsheets, strategy, and the nuts and bolts of a profit and loss sheet.

The inner work starts with you, and it makes all the difference.

When you delve into your subconscious patterns and beliefs, you can create your business from a true place of alignment – and that’s when you start to see real traction.

Maybe you are stuck in the pattern of trying to make your biz work and keep some money flowing.

But here is the hard truth: it’s YOU keeping the biz where it is right now.


It’s YOU that didn’t create the opportunities, didn’t put consistent content out, didn’t figure out how to show up and what to say.

In short, you didn’t do the work.

And it’s ok.

You might feel that you have been working really hard, but the inner work is the place to really move the needle.

When you fully listen to you yourself and get behind what you are, who you are, and what your genius truly is, you can create a business you really love.

When you have done the work you can dare to take chances, because they feel aligned.

In those leaps we find the biggest gems.

When you get stuck in processes, you lose sight of your own power, energy, truth and purpose.

(Hands up who has been there?)


Pure passion, pure love and creativity is a great recipe for business.

These are assets of a great entrepreneurial mindset.

Set yourself free; allow yourself to go into the state where you take time to listen, to explore your inner self and take more risks.

When you fear less about failing and feel a sense of intrigue about everything that you do, you see possibilities rather than fear.

Know that your mindset is the key to all the magic that you create, and all the energy that transpires around you.

Do the inner work – it’s the missing ingredient to your success.

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