8 Reasons Why You Need to Create a Buyer Persona

So, let’s be honest. How well do you understand your ideal client? Do you know what she loves, craves, fears, and is bursting to be, feel or do? And what’s more, do you know the language to use to connect with her. 

And no, I don’t mean, do they speak English, Spanish, French, so on and so forth, I mean what words they use to convey their wants, needs, and emotions, What terms and phrases they use over and over again. How they express themselves when it comes to the problems and issues you help them to resolve? 

Getting to know your ideal client (and I mean really know them on a deep level), can do amazing things for your business (and your bank balance!). I mean, if you’re not making bank, then you can’t be as effective in your business, right? 

You know that saying “success leaves clues”, well, I’m gonna stick my neck out and say, that the clues reside in your ideal client’s language, in the words they use to assimilate and articulate the world around (and inside) them. 

And on the subject of clues, then you can think of words as the breadcrumbs on your trail, that lead you to connect with each other and form connections. 

So, how do you ensure you’re talking on the same wavelength as your audience? (After all, the world wide web is an insanely crowded place, and you want your dreamy soul-mate clients to notice you, hear you, and feel like you get them.)


…you need to figure out your ideal client’s buyer persona.

And save yourself a whole heap of time and energy, so your ideal peeps can receive your help and support a lot sooner.

When I first started my business, I was advised to create an “ideal client avatar”, and I’ve never quite recovered. It took me ages to work out! How old were they? Where did they live? How much do they earn? What did they look like?

You see, I didn’t want to have to choose, nor did it feel like I was truly getting to the heart of who they were either. And although I’m not knocking the exercise, because when it came to doing paid Facebook Ads for the group challenge I was running at the time, the avatar did come in handy for targeting my audience (more on this in a future blog).

But the truth was, I still didn’t feel like I knew my audience beyond those parameters and the several “pain points” I had identified, and most definitely not enough to speak to them directly with the language that connected and served them.

It wasn’t until I identified my ideal client’s buyer persona, that I started to understand their needs and how to communicate with them in a meaningful way. It took away the mystery of what to say and helped me to understand how my ideal audience thought and felt.

Creating buyer personas isn’t necessarily simple, but it is thorough. You don’t just put a name on your target audience and list out their demographics,

It goes way beyond that, as it provides you with more rounded, fictional representation, of what makes this persona the ideal example of your audience, so that you start to improve the effectiveness of your marketing (and book more clients, because when you get this right, it’s powerful stuff!).


There are 8 key reasons why I think buyer personas rock




1. Determine motivators: goals, fears, desires, values, and needs

2. Know what their needs are at each stage of the customer journey

3. Create an effective marketing strategy that feels authentic to you 

4. Get better and more qualified leads, who are a great fit for you

5. Communicate in language that connects, resonates and converts

6. Differentiate yourself from your competitors, and stand out in a crowded market

7. Create products and services that fulfill your ideal audience’s needs

8. Create content and stories that align with the customer journey


Powerful, eh? And that’s why you shouldn’t delay in creating yours. It will make a huge difference to everything you do, say and create within your business.


If you want to stop all the guesswork and start speaking directly to your dreamy, soul-mate clients, then sign up to my FREE 5-Day Client Clarity Codebook Mini-Course, designed to help you create your own buyer persona, language bank + Trello board, full to the brim with research & insights.


How to Create Content that Acts Like a Client Magnet 24/7


Putting The Spark Back In Your Biz


How to Get the Mix Right for Your Winning Business Recipe

How to Create Content that Acts Like a Client Magnet 24/7

Content is a key part of creating a body of work that acts like a client magnet 24/7.

Writing and expressing yourself to your audience allows them to connect with you online, building rapport and a know, like, trust factor, well before they start to work with you.

In the early stages of business, creating content can feel haphazard; you blog here and there, try out some social media platforms, but nothing really sticks.

With concentrated effort and a strategic understanding of what you want to communicate, and how you want to show up in the world, your efforts can yield big results.

With planning and a roadmap, it’s much easier to create a lot of strategic content that can be used for a variety of purposes.

When you have a core messaging strategy in place, wherever you show up, online or off, your copy and content work for you and create a sense of who you are and what you stand for.

Whether it be on your website, in art schools, networking events, social media posts or in your bios and profiles, your content and messaging needs to be cohesive and aligned with who you really are.

If you don’t already have a content strategy, that’s ok, I’m here to help.

A strategy isn’t difficult to put into place. Yes, it requires effort, but you can create a content strategy that works for YOU on a consistent basis.

How? We just need simple strategic steps and a mindset switch.

Think about:

Your niche and audience:
Where do they hang out on social media? Which platforms are best to reach them, and which content formats, or mix of formats, do they prefer?

Your unique lens on the work you do:
What makes you stand out? What are you talking about that’s different?

Your values:
What values do you stand for and operate by? How can you convey these in your content?

How do you create best?
Do you create best by talking to a camera or a microphone? Do you love to write? Knowing your strengths can help you to know where to start creating with ease.

By creating a plan that works for you – and we are all unique – you will be able to stay consistent with your content creation and reach your audience in a way that resonates with them.

Storytelling as a content creation tool

Storytelling is simply about connecting with your people and showing them, through example, why they should want to buy from you, why they should trust you, and why your message is significant to them in some way.

Storytelling allows people to go beyond the standard content you might put out there; it’s about writing stories that deeply connect with your audience, from personal stories to stories about why a certain product or service came into existence, or about your business journey. They could also be everyday stories about what’s happening to you behind the scenes, or what has transformed you and led you from point A to point B or inspiring stories of change.

Messaging can create action and create change – and this is a powerful tool in your business.


Often, the messaging part of your business can be the bit that’s really lacking or missing.

You might have everything else in place, but not knowing how to communicate your message can hold you back from truly connecting with your audience and making an impact.

Through storytelling, we can create really interesting connections. When we bring emotion into our messaging, we can touch and move people, and elicit an emotional response.

By crafting content with storytelling woven in, your words can truly have an effect on your audience, without just being the same as everyone else.

When your message touches people on an emotional level, it’s a really powerful way to reach out and create a magical experience.


To identify (or reimagine) your ideal audience so you can start to create messaging that connects and converts, click HERE to download your Ideal Audience Playbook and my free mini-course, Client Clarity Codebook.


Putting The Spark Back In Your Biz


How to Get the Mix Right for Your Winning Business Recipe


Finding Freedom From Your 9-5

Putting The Spark Back In Your Biz

Fatigue. Overwhelm.

I’ve been there in my business – and I will take a wild guess you have, too.

Maybe you’ve been running ahead doing all the things, wearing all the hats, and assembling things in your business, focusing on sales, on money-making, on looking around the marketplace.

But something feels missing.

Perhaps your voice feels marginalized.

Maybe something just feels out of place, and you can’t put your finger on what it is.

When this happened to me, I began to feel zapped of energy. I’d been busting all the moves to get a specific program launched, but whenever it came to going online and talking about it, I kept finding reasons to delay the launch. Long story short, my reasons weren’t reasons at all – they were excuses. With personal coaching and LOTS of journaling, I found my offering was out of alignment. It was a tough realization, but it freed me up to discover what was right.

When that nagging feeling comes to bite, you can bet you aren’t doing one really simple, essential thing:

Working to your strengths and on things that are really true to yourself.

Often, we don’t even realize we’ve been spinning our wheels out of alignment.

We are so busy in action that the time for reflection takes a back seat.

The key to realizing you need to take stock is that feeling of stuckness; maybe you feel utterly defeated, and just not sure what to do next.

Maybe you’re thinking of hiring a coach – but you haven’t quite got the right amount of money to invest just yet.

Maybe you have a hunch you need to put new systems in place. You know there’s something big that needs to shift within your business, but you’re just not quite sure how you’re going do it alone  – nor what it actually is that you need to change anyway.

So round and round you go.

Getting into a pickle with your business is normal.

But you don’t need to spin your wheels all alone for long.

In my experience, the best thing to do is to invest in support. This will help you determine what you need to figure out; trying to do it all and feeling overwhelmed is so exhausting, and it can actually slow you down for months.

The hard truth is, you can feel the legacy of indecision and stuckness for years.

If you’ve got to that point where you truly haven’t got all of the aspects of your business aligned to who you are, what you want to do, what really makes you tick and what you started the business for in the first place, it’s time for some new motivation.

When you’re flagging – when you’re really, really down and out about your business-  and you’re trying to put on a brave face, what you need most is to feel inspired and motivated.

The first thing that people often do is to look around at what everybody else is doing.

This can be helpful at times, but often when you are in a place of stuckness, it can actually lead to more problems.

What you actually need to do is to look within.

When you feel things are lacking, looking outside of yourself is actually more escapism and procrastination, than a strategy that’s going to lead you to true answers.

When you feel you haven’t got a proper connection with your business, when you feel “out of alignment”, you keep going around in circles.

You CAN get your motivation back and get back in control, when you make time to lift the lid on your business, and discover exactly what’s going on.

It needs to come from a place of deeper meaning for you.

By doing this inner work and evaluation of where you are, you will gain insight into what needs to change.

By doing this inner work you will be able to visualize your business as it CAN be in the future.

When you picture it clearly in your head, and what you need to do to get there, you can truly be in the driving seat again.

That sense of freedom you wanted? The lifestyle you wanted for yourself? It truly is possible when you take a step back and reconnect.

When your motivation and direction are back in place, you can actually start each day with a really strong sense of what you need to achieve. In this way, you can break down an overall goal into smaller chunks.

It’s about lifting the lid on what the problems are.

It’s about finding out, with some help, what is actually going wrong with your business. That’s when you discover what you need to do, so you can bridge the gap from an un-ideal state to the ideal state.

You might not know what the overall vision is yet, and that’s ok.

But when you make time to create your vision, you’ll start to prize out all the wonderful gems, like how you really want to show up in your business, what you’d really like to be doing, and how you really want to work with people.

When you take a couple of steps back, you can take huge leaps forwards.


How to Get the Mix Right for Your Winning Business Recipe


Finding Freedom From Your 9-5


How to Mix Business With Pleasure (So Work Feels More Like Play)

How to Get the Mix Right for your Winning Business Recipe

Your business is unique – as unique as YOU are.

Every ingredient, every element needs to be calculated, lovingly crafted and mixed to your very own, bespoke recipe.

Why? Well, if you have ever looked at a sunken cake and felt about your business the same way, you know you need to go back to basics.

The good news is, going back to basics gets you further, faster.

Here is what happens time and time again:

  • We buy a recipe book from an expert.
  • We weigh the ingredients carefully.
  • We are diligent in getting the right blend, the right temperature, only for it to fall flat, time and time again until you want to give up.

But here is the secret: that recipe worked for THEM, and you are a totally unique human being.

When we examine where you are right now, and ask some key questions, building your own mix become easy, and most of all, it feels like YOU!

That’s where the magic ingredient truly is.


I work with my clients to help them ask some key questions:

  • Where you are now?
  • What’s going wrong?
  • What don’t you feel aligned to?
  • What are you doing that’s not converting clients?

Too often we become so disillusioned that we lose the energy and the willpower to look at things with a fresh perspective – the deflated feeling takes over, we feel like a failure, we want to give up.

I want to reassure you that you aren’t alone.

You aren’t the only entrepreneur to feel this way.

Following formulas and recipes works to a certain extent, and for some people.

When you get creative and do something fresh that you call from the deepest parts of you, the secret ingredient becomes obvious.

You see, YOUR business recipe has you at the heart of it.


No-one on this earth has your unique blend of skills, perspectives, experiences and outlook on life.

YOU are the secret ingredient that was missing all along, and those so called “failures’ are just a disconnect from what’s truly possible.

The magic is that alignment between what you love, who you are, and your ideal clients.

So, what can you do to resolve that disconnect?

It starts with getting in touch with your passions, and re-align yourself with why you started this journey in the first place.

Fall back in love with your business so the energy that goes out is from the right place, you serve the right clients, and it all becomes easier (and yes, it’s ok for it to be easy!).

Let me tell you a story.

Recently, I put out an offer for a new product. I felt from my very soul that this was something my ideal clients needed, and I fell in love with the work I was creating.

Rather than struggling with sales funnels, scripts, templates and clunky moving parts, that offer flew off the shelf. It sold out within hours, and it felt amazing.

You can go beyond the recipes and formulas when you work your own way, and when you plug back in to what makes you so beautifully, uniquely, YOU.


When your recipe has the magic, missing ingredient, anything is possible.

That constant cycle of testing, trying, creating, hustling – it stops.

That feeling of throwing spaghetti at the wall and wondering why this isn’t working for you? That’s gone too.

It’s all about the energy behind the offer. When you are in your full, powerful alignment and flow, the buzz attracts clients to you like a magnet.

That sweet spot between what you love and who you serve, baked into the offer and your energy is what makes your business recipe a success.


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