Hey everyone, I’m Sharon!

I love helping women fulfil their potential – from living your dream lifestyle, to starting or developing your own coaching or service-based business. 
Welcome to the BUSINESS RECIPE group program. Congratulations on taking this important step forwards to grow your business.
Over the next three months you will be creating your own unique business recipe, assembling all the ingredients to achieve the success you desire.
We will use this platform as a repository for the program materials – trainings (presentations/audios/recordings of group sessions) and worksheets, etc. We will use Facebook for our conversations, lives, feedback and updates. Zoom will be used for our weekly group calls, where you’ll receive module-related trainings, and the chance to jump in the hot seat for Q&A around your biz.
Here’s to your success!
Sharon xx

The Library

Ingredient One

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Ingredient Two

Your Business Vision & Mission

Ingredient Three

Survey & Research Niche

Ingredient Four

Create a Business Plan


Next, we’ll move into the really fun part


Promote Your Offer