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People who connect with what you stand for, who trust what you do, and can see your value and authority?
It is possible. And it takes less time than you think.
When your message, stories, and general content are aligned with your approach and your brand, everything you create is a magnet. Both online and off, your words are compelling, they have impact, and every piece of communication matters.

This stuff works. And it works QUICKLY.

I’m Sharon,

A business and brand messaging strategist, and storyteller on a mission to bring magic to the messaging of disillusioned entrepreneurs.

My unique genius is the blend of creative thinking and project management logic I bring to my work; I am all about where inspiration meets action, and where creativity meets crafting a plan.

If you have tried all the tips, tricks, and formulas but still wonder where the sales are...

it’s time to go back to the storyboard of your brand and build it back from the foundation up.

What can you expect to do inside Brand Storytelling Alchemy?


Clarify your niche, business vision, mission and core message (finally!)
Understand your ideal client, so you know their pain points, needs, wants and exactly what they desire– and exactly how that should inform your messaging
Find the ‘sweet spot’ where your own passions overlap with your client’s desires
Articulate your awesome with ease (So you feel confident about sharing what sets you apart from your competitors – be gone comparisonitis!)
Craft a solid business mission statement that anchors your offerings and messaging
Create mini-bios, extended bios, and your social media hooks, and then publish them far and wide
Write an elevator pitch that helps to perfectly position you, and ditch those awkward, how-to-explain-what-I-do moments.


Write your brand story that positions your business, and places your ideal client at the core (So they identify with your story, and get to know, like, and trust you)
Create memorable and engaging personal stories, that evoke emotion and captivate your audience
Craft everyday stories, using story triggers, curiosity, creativity, the world around you.
Learn the 7 story archetypes that powerfully connect you with your customers, and help you to articulate how you can help them on their journey
Create great characters, interesting plot & resolution, and the level of tension and anticipation required within your stories to grip your audience
Tell your stories visually, so they appeal strongly to our emotions, using simple, clear, persuasive imagery

Content Creation

Create your content strategy and anchor topics to keep your content creation focused and “on brand”

Craft captivating content – you can use over and over again KNOWING it will actually connect and convert
Get super consistent and strategic with your content creation (hello, relevant content!)

Batch create content in our “get it done” sessions so you’re always ahead of the game!

Review your messaging and content strategy in our monthly planning sessions
Gain more confidence and own what you stand for

“A story is a journey that moves the listener, and when the listener goes on that journey they feel different and the result is persuasion and sometimes action.”

~ Jennifer Aaker

Your Support
in my private facebook group
A community of entrepreneurs crafting their brand message, stories, and content.
Weekly accountability check-ins
Constructive feedback on your writing
Extra prompts, fun and facebook lives!
Make new friends and business buddies
Stay committed to sharing your message, and content
Messaging & content strategy reviews and planning sessions

The Bonuses

the guest experts

Get Camera-Ready Masterclass

Brittany Hammond, Film Maker, Producer, Personal Brand Strategist

How to get camera-ready. In this masterclass taught by Brittany Hammond at Untamed Productions, you’ll learn how to communicate your brand story with clarity, confidence, and conviction. Turn your words into a storyboard for your brand story.  (VALUE: $197)

Online Visibility Makeover

Lisa Marie Pepe, Confidence Coach & Online Visibility Expert

An online visibility makeover in an exclusive LIVE masterclass for passionate and purpose-driven female entrepreneurs, taught by Lisa Marie Pepe at Postive Transformation Coaching. (VALUE: $297)

Brilliant You Masterclass

Jo Gifford, Brand Specialist

In this fantastic LIVE masterclass, Jo will show you ways you can tap into your brilliance, so you can start to magnetize your clients online, and blow up the blueprint. (VALUE: $197)

Brand Identity Masterclass

Anna North-Row, Brand & Marketing Specialist

Create a professional brand identity with this LIVE visual brand identity masterclass, e-book and audit worksheet to help you to improve your online visibility and make your website and social media presence sparkle! (VALUE: $197)

Visual Storytelling Masterclass

Alley Jean, Artistic Brand Identity Specialist, Web Designer, Visibility Coach

Learn how to reimagine your own unique brand identity through the fusion of visual imagery and storytelling in this awesome LIVE masterclass taught by Alley Jean at Red Unicorn Media. (VALUE: $297)

Organize Your Biz With Trello

Jacky Hodges, Online Business Manager

Trello training to help you to organize your business. This training will also prove invaluable for organizing your copy around messaging on the program. (VALUE: $197)

The first TWENTY people to join as founding members (on the quarterly subscription option) will get…

Little Me, Big Business Book

Nadia Finer, Business Coach, International Speaker, Author

A paperback copy of “Little Me Big Business: How to Grow Your Small Business, Increase Your Profits and Go Global (in Your Pajamas)”. Inside, Nadia shows you the five simple steps to scaling your small business, rocketing your profits, reducing your stress and going global, all from the comfort of your sofa. No more playing small. No more limitations on what you can achieve. (VALUE: £12.95)

Allergic to Average Book

Cassie Howard, Freedom Alchemist, Client Attraction Strategist, Author

A paperback copy of “Allergic To Average: How To Ditch The Rules & Do Business And Life Your Way“. Can you really get paid just to be yourself? In this life-altering book of ignoring all the rules, going against the grain, and getting paid to be you, you’ll discover the strategies that will help you take your business (and your earning potential) to the next level, without sacrificing yourself in the process. (VALUE: $14.95)

Those who join as founding members on the quarterly subscription option, will also get…

Brand Messaging Strategy Call

Sharon Woodcock, Business & Brand Messaging Strategist, Storyteller

A private 90-minute Strategy call with Sharon. (VALUE: $297)


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(Founding Member Rate – Join before midnight on Oct 31st and you’ll be grandfathered in at this rate, despite any future price increases!

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“There is no greater power on this earth than story.”
~ Libba Bray
There is a lot of magic inside you
I want to help you blaze your trail.
I LOVE helping you to explore and express your individuality, and infuse your passions into the heart of what you do and say – and into delicious offerings and services, your message, stories, and content – so that your language connects deeply with your tribe. If you want whole-hearted support from someone who has been there, and wanna turn left, when everyone else is turning right, then maybe I’m your kinda girl.

Client Love

Sharon helped me to narrow my niche, get clarity on my offerings, and perfect my messaging. Once I got clarity, this enabled me to create better connections with my ideal clients and the work started coming in. At the moment I’m fully booked out! Jacky Hodges

With Sharon’s help, I narrowed my niche and started marketing more strategically, which has resulted in positive results. She genuinely cared about my success. The special way she has of explaining things is a gift. Jessica Crooks

Sharon helped me to identify my ideal client and what I had to offer them; I learned how important it was for me to connect with my authentic self. Working with Sharon was a complete package and I gained so much knowledge and confidence.

Karen Hanlon

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Sign up as a founding member for only $27 p/m.


Monthly Subscription


(Founding Member Rate – Join before midnight on Oct 31st and you’ll be grandfathered in at this rate, despite any future price increases!

(includes standard bonuses only)


Quarterly Subscription


(Founding Member Rate – Join before midnight on Oct 31st and you’ll be grandfathered in at this rate, despite any future price increases!

(includes standard bonuses, 2 x Book Bonuses for first TWENTY sign-ups, and 1 x private 90-minute Strategy Call with Sharon)

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