How To Turn Doubt into Action (& Actually Start Your Biz)

Imagine this:

You’ve been loading your plate with more and more work responsibilities and finishing work at “stupid-o-clock” for a while now, leaving you little time or mental bandwidth to figure out how to escape your corporate job. 

The 101 business ideas you’ve had turned into answering emails, missed fitness classes, writing out never-ending To Do lists, another chocolate-wine-Netflix-frenzy, and long walks to try and unbox your brain of the endless chatter and uncertainty.

Attaining the life you dream about looks more like an uphill climb in the Outer Hebrides, than a passion project.

“Self-doubt can show up in many forms and wreck havoc with your dreams. It’s your job to work on your mindset. You can’t create a life you love when your mindset is off radar.”


Here’s what happened: You made work your priority, yet deep down you know you’re sabotaging your full potential for happiness.

Like many others considering escaping their salaried life, you worry about paying bills and maintaining your status. But instead of facing the uncertainty these challenges bring, fear keeps you routed to the spot, trapped in a job you’ve outgrown, and locked into an older version of yourself.

You’re scared you’ll fail, and you’re scared you’ll succeed (yes, really) and feel like an imposter either way.

So? You you coast along with what you know, even if it’s the bane of your life.

Or you blame others.

It’s not your fault that you’re not doing what will really make you happy, it’s because…(insert external factor).

Sound familiar?

Well, the truth is, you’ve told yourself lies over and over again. And now? You believe them.

Excuse me while I get a bit tough with you here, but…


The only thing that’s holding you back from starting your business is you!

And while that might sound rather grim, it’s actually pretty good news.

Because it means you can change.

You’ve gotta take stock of where you are if you want to make your dreams happen.

You need to get so clear on your vision, because having a strong vision for your dreams will pull you forward.

So, if you want kickstart your dreams and gain the clarity you need to start taking inspired action, then take out a journal and brainstorm answers to the following four questions. Really dig deep.

  1. What business dreams do you have?
  2. What do your dreams really mean to you?
  3. How would they change your life?
  4. What are you prepared to do to make them happen?

Have your answers? Great.


So why do you think that up until now, you’ve been telling yourself you want X, but doing Y? Why have you been depriving yourself of the happiness and fulfillment you could have, if only you took action?

I’ll tell you why: Self doubt.

Luckily, self doubt isn’t a ‘forever’ diagnosis. Below, I’ve created a list of five (easy) action steps you can take to finally rise above your doubts.

1) zone into your dreams – create a vision board (on Pinterest or a self-made one on your notice board), write out your business ideas and goals (try this handy goal journal), and read magazines and books on related topics

2) create your superpower persona – write a list of all your positive attributes/ strengths/ passions into a journal and ask yourself how each could tie into your business idea

3) use positive affirmations – notice negative self-talk about achieving your business dreams and turn each one into a positive affirmation – I love these Power Thought Cards by Louise Hay

4) research your business idea – find out who your competitors are and what they’re doing. How can you differentiate from them? What’s your special sauce that will help you to stand apart from them? (look back at your super powers established in step 2)
And above all, 5) remember that starting a business is a voyage of discovery. Do some soul searching and tap into your passions and purpose. Go in search of your treasure. And what better way to start than by reading The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho. The book that transformed my own life, and inspired me to follow my dreams.
“People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of.”

Once you’ve got clarity from these questions and steps, it will help you to stop focusing on the fears and doubts which have had you delaying and procrastinating, and instead you’ll have created a space for inspiration within your heart and mind. From this space, you’ll be ready to take the “inspired action” which feels authentic and connected to your dreams.

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Finding Freedom From Your 9-5


How to Connect With Your Passions & Change Your Lifestyle



Could Your “Money Personality” Be Sabotaging You?


Finding Freedom From Your 9-5

FINDING FREEDOM from your 9-5 ought to be an exciting prospect, but for many it remains just a dream. Waiting for the “right time”, the “right amount of money”, the possibility of a “redundancy payout”.

Waiting for….something, anything, You know how the story goes…

Dreams keep us entertained when we’re bored, hopeful when we’re feeling frustrated or stuck.

But the problem is, we get caught up in that thing called “life”, responsibilities, working our butts off for someone else, and in our fears.  Through lack of attention or self-belief, our dreams fade, feel impossible, or intangible.

“ To any entrepreneur: if you want to do it, do it now. If you don’t, you’re going to regret it.”



RECONNECTING WITH YOUR DREAM is fundamental for your psyche, and your happiness. Your dreams are there to inspire you and push you to become a better person, more fulfilled and enriched.

But staying stuck in an unfulfilling job, with a lifestyle that underplays your potential, isn’t any fun, when you know you’ve got so much more to offer. Like running your own business, which is in alignment with who you or who you want to become.

To achieve your dream, you must re-connect it fully, embrace it like you’re actually dating. *smooch*

For that to happen, you need to devote time to it, get clear on what it looks and feels like to you, who you’ll serve, and then gain the confidence to move forwards.

It’s like marriage of sorts – you’ll even get to cuddle on the sofa and wake up with it!

GETTING STARTED How many times have you thought about your idea (or ideas, perhaps?) and then got totally sidetracked by life, responsibilities, fear and apprehension?

Do you wonder or doubt if your idea is any good? If it will make you enough money? Do you question: who am I  to do this?  and whether you’ve got what it takes to become an entrepreneur.

I’m not going to lie.

It takes guts and determination to start your own business.

And even more to actually make it work.

To push through when all seems against you. When you’re having a bad day, month, week, or even year, and you think, “Am I going to have to go back to my 9-5? Has all my hard work been in vane?  

This is normal. You’ll hit tremendous highs, and there will be lows. It comes with the territory.

That’s why I recommend you do mindset work from the outset. And, that you get a mentor or coach, or a join a network of entrepreneurs, who’ll encourage you along the way.

And above all else, just begin…



TAKING THE FIRST STEPS Before you begin, there are a number of considerations: whether you should go all in, or if you should run your business as a side hustle, until you’re making enough money.

Both ways have their benefits and limitations, and really it’s what works best for you. Do the sums. Work out what are your financial outlays. Do a general evaluation of how you’ll support yourself whilst you build up your business.

Before you begin your business (or proceed further into your fledgling business) there are fundamental questions you need to answer: What is my business mission? Who will I serve? What are my offerings? How do I want my lifestyle to change? How often do I want to work? What’s important to me and what are my passions, and is there a way I could weave them into my business idea?

To explore this theme and get more clarity, go to my handy guided visualisation which will help you arrive at your high level vision for your future lifestyle and business.

PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE Once you’re decided on your general business vision, it’s tempting to jump straight in, and whist I do advocate this (because there’s no time like the present), I also advocate balancing your raw energy and enthusiasm with a certain degree of planning.

Whether you’re still in your 9-5 and wanting to escape or have left and are “all in”, then it’s essential that you create a roadmap. It doesn’t have to be all encompassing, but if you are to stay focused and organised, then you do need to identify your goals and map out your milestones and dependencies.

This will help you to prioritise your time, stay focused, and level headed, because, trust me, when you’re in the “dream up” stage of business (which can last years!), then there can be a tendency to meander and deliberate on ideas, and be reactive.

If you have a clear plan for how you’re going to reach your goals, it makes it more likely you’ll achieve them. You’ll know what you want to achieve and have established action items and milestones to help you get there.


GAINING MOMENTUM Once you’ve got your roadmap  and you’re working solidly towards your goals, it’s important to keep momentum going, otherwise even best made plans can slip.

The best way to keep momentum going is to regularly remind yourself of your BIG WHY – the reason you want/ed to start your business in the first place. This is your prime motivating factor.

If you don’t have a clue what that is for you, I highly recommend that you do some inner work around this, as it can be one of the determining factors of the success or failure of a business.

A positive and confident mindset is also a key momentum driver. There’s a lot you can do to improve your mindset, and I highly recommend for you to do daily work around this.

Firstly, you’ll need to identify any beliefs which are holding you back or limiting you, and then challenge and counter them.

A positive mindset is EVERYTHING – many people don’t get their business ideas off the ground, and others are held back for years due to fear and self-doubt, finding themselves forced back into having to work another 9-5 – the very thing they wanted to escape from in the first place.

My 6-week program Kickstart Your Online Biz, starting on Monday 11th September, helps you to identify and validate your business idea, establish your business vision and clarify your BIG WHY, strengthen your mindset, and map out your roadmap, alongside many other business-building activities. Find out more about the program HERE.

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”



How to Connect With Your Passions & Change Your Lifestyle

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Jessica Dornieden


How to Connect With Your Passions & Change Your Lifestyle

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

~ Marc Anthony

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to do what you love for a living? To actually follow your passions? Sounds idyllic? Outlandish even? The kind of thing others do, but not you? My mind conjures up images of artists, photographers and writers living the bohemian life waking up at 7am to write “morning pages”, to capture the landscape as it awakens, or nomads travelling the world with laptops, indulging in their passion for freedom, adventure, and exploring different cultures and landscapes.

While doing what you love sounds amazing and romantic, living a passion-fuelled life may also seem unrealistic or daunting. Lack of time, limiting beliefs, confidence, and not knowing what or where to start, are often the reason why your passions don’t take centre stage of your life. Passions dissolve into “dreams” or hobbies, or at worst are never discovered or totally neglected.


JUNE, 2016


Arches National Park Entrance Stateion, Moab, United States

Photograph by Dino Reichmuth via Unsplash

Perhaps you work from 9-5 (or more like 8-8), long for your weekends off and then find yourself cramming in as much as you can (housework, trips to see family, and doing the shopping included). Before you know it, it’s Monday, and the cycle starts all over again.

Perhaps you started out knowing what you wanted to do in life. You have the certifications and experience to prove it, but now you feel trapped in an outdated life or a job you hate. You wonder what life would be like if you changed course, but the fear of making the wrong choice holds you back. You don’t know what else you’d do, or what you’d need to do to get there. And what about those passions you have (or had)? How could they become more of a consistent feature in your life, given you never have the time? (more on that later!)

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. ….. you start to realize that you‘re capable of far more than you imagined.”

Here’s the thing, “Working for the weekend” is an excuse for not taking ownership of what’s really holding you back from your potential and success. When all that keeps you going is “the money”, maintaining your status, and the relief you feel when you finish work for the weekend, isn’t it time to reassess?

When you’re disconnected from your passions and unaligned with what’s important to you, life feels off balance, like there’s something missing and you’re just going through the motions. This lack of true connection to yourself, ties into your feelings of worthiness. For example, you may find you’re subconsciously self-sabotaging yourself, never reaching the next level of potential and success that’s out there for you, due to negative self-talk and lack of self-belief.

Gay Hendricks talks about this is in his brilliant book, The Big Leapwhich I highly recommend for you to read, if you want to explore your false fears and beliefs, and start to break down your barriers to a better life.

If you’re saying, This sounds like me. Where do I even begin to resolve this? I want you to close your eyes and imagine you’re observing yourself from afar.

What do you see?

Then, imagine turning away and looking into the distance, at the horizon.

Take a deep, calming, breathe and imagine yourself living a more freedom and passion-filled life.

Once you’ve taken a few minutes to really indulge in this moment, take a journal and write out what you imagined.

This exercise helps us to connect with who we are at our heart-centre, to our authentic self, to our desires and passions, where everything is possible, where there are no boundaries, self-imposed or otherwise.

The truth is, when your focus is on surviving and striving – to climb the corporate ladder, to gain a fatter pay check or maintain your status, sacrificing your time and energy for others, with precious little left for you, towing the company line to keep yourself off the redundancy list, “running scared” of the very things that could transform your life *sings Roy Orbinson song*, secretly hoping that “one day” you’ll win the lottery, when, quite possibly, only then, everything will become possible.

If that sounds like you, then you can be sure you’re not alone.

But the fact is: you can still discover your passion and start doing the work you love, with a little brainstorming and visualising, you can start an amazing adventure towards a life that is fuller, richer, and happier.

To start off you could brainstorm your Personal Passion Project. 

For this you’re going to need to set aside an hour or two of uninterrupted time. You could go to the park or a coffee shop, and take along your favourite journal and pens. The important thing is to find a quiet nook, and allow your mind wander.

I want you to imagine that money is not an obstacle for you, and that you have enough to get by every day and even have a little extra for fun and treats. And, essentially, you have the freedom to do whatever you want with your days.

In your journal, make a list of all the things you’d do with your time if you were able to spend it however you wished.

What activities do you imagine yourself doing?

How do you feel?

The most important element of this exercise is to not censor yourself and really allow yourself to explore what pops into your head, without having to consider if money is an issue or how you’d ever achieve it, or if you’d be good at it, etc.

You’ll end up with is a list of possibilities, rather than a realistic set of business opportunities. At this stage, it’s all about brainstorming so you can return to your ideas later and make sense of them.

This visualisation process is one of the methods I use with my clients, to help them to connect with their core values, imagination, creativity, and inner wisdom. It’s hugely successful in helping you to bring ideas and dreams to the surface, to tap into what lights you up, and spring board you into taking inspired action.

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire; you will what you imagine; and at last you create what you will.”

Your passions may lie undiscovered, unexplored or neglected, and it’s that aspect that drives me to help others to realise their potential.

With the right focus and determination, your passions can become the fuel for future happiness in your life and business.

If you enjoyed this, then you’ll love my guided visualisation and workbook, which takes you on an even deeper journey, to explore what you and your lifestyle could really become.

It’s an excellent first step for becoming a more passion-fuelled, freedom-living person. It’s perfect for you if you’ve been dreaming about finally leaving your 9-5 to start your own online coaching or service-based business. Click here to kickstart the life that’s waiting for you >> download now

How to Connect With Your Passions & Change Your Lifestyle