Hello there!

I’m Sharon

Lifestyle and Business Coach.

Slayer of doubts, indecision, and draining to-do lists. 

I’m here to uncage you from the career you’ve outgrown,  or put the business that’s gone astray back on the right track.

Maybe you’re stuck in a corporate job which is sucking out your soul (Dementor-style) and you’re desperate to live a life on your own terms and not your boss’s, but have no idea how to begin.

Or maybe you’re already navigating the choppy waters of entrepreneurship, but dropped your compass along the way – along with your confidence. 

Either way, I can promise you this.

There is another way. A better way.


A way that doesn’t require sacrificing those precious  hours with your loved ones, your sleep, or your already-teetering-on-the-edge sanity.

A way that makes Monday mornings feel like Sunday mornings, work like fun, and life like love.

A way that gives your skin the tingles when you sit down to work.

A way that makes freedom the first priority, not the last.


And isn’t that the whole point?

Freedom’s waiting. You ready to find it?